Side Effects Of CBD Oil

The Cannabidiol (CBD), is a natural remedy which is used for different ailments. It is one of the 104 compounds found in marijuana plant with THC being the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, and it causes the sensation of being high. Nonetheless, unlike TCH, CBD is not psychoactive; therefore, making it one of the most appealing options for people who are looking for the best way to relieve pain and other symptoms without altering the effects of medicinal marijuana.

The oil is made by extracting CBD from marijuana and adulterating it with a carrier oil like hemp or coconut oil. Today, CBD oil is gaining popularity in the wellness and health world with different studies confirming that it can treat various ailments like
chronic anxiety and pain.

CBD Oil Side Effects

Besides having numerous advantages to users, in this guide, we discuss CBD oil side effects. Read on to find more.

1. Dryness of Mouth

This is a typical phenomenon among individuals who use CBD oil and other cannabinoids. When taken for long users report that they feel like their mouth is stuffed with cotton balls. However, this occurrence can be overcome by taking much water after consuming CBD. The leading cause of this is that when one takes cannabinoid, the endocannabinoid system that has its receptors present in the salivary gland inhibits the secretion of the organs.

2. CBD Oil Side Effects- Drowsiness

Although the oil does not induce the effects immediately, the impact on the body differs from one person to another. If consumed in high dosage, it can cause drowsiness. As a caution, if you belong to the category of people who feel drowsy when they take CBD oil, then it is advisable not to operate heavy machines.

3. Drop-in blood pressure

Probably the main reason why people feel dizzy when they take in CBD oil.
According to studies, higher doses of CBD oil can result in a drop in blood pressure. Therefore, if you’re a patient suffering from blood pressure, you should avoid taking CBD oil.

4. Change of Appetite and Diarrhea

A study in 2017 on patients suffering from psychotic and epilepsy disorder revealed that some subjects experienced effects like diarrhea, change in weight, loss of appetite as well as tiredness when subject to CBD oil. This is a confirmation that CBD oil affects the stomach when consumed, although this might as well be attributed to the different elements used in making CBD Oil.

Other side effects of CBD oil include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Tiredness

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil

Although there are various benefits of CBD oil, most of them are yet to be proved scientifically. Therefore, you should take in CBD oil under a doctors prescription.

The Most Potent CBD Oil Seller | Best Cbd vendors in 2019

Living in pain is neither easy nor a joke. It makes your body to experience anxiety and loss of concentration whenever it visits you. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms or arthritis the most CBD oil could be your answer. It’s not fair to have a human being to have a nightmare because of pain. Here are the strongest, most potent CBD oil for pain:

PureKana Natural CBD Oil

Purukena is unique, potent CBD oil that comes from Purekana Full Spec Company. It offers quite some health and medical benefits. After the company discovered this brand, many users have come out to address the dramatic health results. Thousands of patients living with pain have really benefited from it. Its quality has been remarkable since day one in the market. Unlike other potent CBD oils, this product looks special due to its mode of the CO2 extraction process. Purekana oil is a dietary, unflavored product and nutritional supplement for good health and vitality.


  • Fast-acting results
  • Extremely potent
  • Enjoys full-spectrum hence 99% pure
  • No pesticides, chemical fertilizers or solvents
  • Undergoes third-party laboratory test


  • It’s pretty expensive due to high potency
  • No Combo or bulk discounts

Green Roads CBD

This is another brand with a top-notch quality feature that comes from Green Roads Full Spec Company. It has become a powerhouse in the Cannabis industry for more than three decades. Its effectiveness in delivering positive and health benefits has made it conquer the market and enjoy a competitive advantage. Am sure if you consume it, an immediate response will be your joy. Remember that Green Roads CBD can be vaped or consumed through Oral use. Consumers talk about its benefits like reducing stress, anxiety, epilepsy, addiction, and pain.


  • Pharmacist formulated and worldwide delivery
  • Undergoes a high concentered extraction process
  • It undergoes third-party lab results
  • High potency


  • Due to the variety in the market, the choices could be overwhelming
  • The company refunds for any unopened product

Premium Jane CBD Oil

It has been a while since you enjoyed the benefits of a qualified oil like Premium Jane. It is made in the USA and is commonly known for its full-spectrum extract. If you ever consume it, you will discover its incredible taste and near immediate effects. Another important feature is that it has no preservatives or artificial flavors. Professionals claim that Premium Jane is 100 percent organic and natural.


  • 100 percent natural and organic
  • No artificial flavors and preservatives
  • High rate of potency
  • Delivers immediate results once vaped
  • Full-spectrum and not isolated


  • No vaping products/CBD vape oil
  • Doesn’t offer CBD isolate oil

CBD Pure

This brand has received a high profile accolades amongst most people. One reason for this is its pain relieving characteristic. Also, it offers a good percentage of Hemp oil extract hence suited for health-solving problems. It’s really promising to hear that CBD pure is chemical free (pesticides and herbicides). The CBD Pure Full Spec who are the main producers offers 3-month money back guarantee.


  • Certifies hemp product
  • 3-month money back guarantee
  • The brand is chemical free


  • Has a limited range of CBD products
  • No vape oils, edibles or vape products

In the article, we have analyzed the CBD oil brands I details. Now it’s your chance to choose wisely. Review them and make informed choices. However, you must determine your needs and preferences. With this, you’ll definitely yield remarkable results.